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Cedar Therapies
Starchild at Cedar Therapies 

At Cedar Therapies we use Starchild Essential Oils for our Aromatherapy treatments. 


Aromatherapy is an amazing practice - it can relax, heal, and nurture the body at a very deep level; therefore we feel it is imperative that we use beautiful, high-quality products. Great oils = great treatment = great results. 

We want you to love your Aromatherapy experience as much as we love working with these oils. 


Starchild has the most wonderful shop, located in Glastonbury, Somerset. We recommend that you visit!


Their ethos is that natural plant oils (and their energies) are keys to unlocking our senses and awareness to the divine; their products are based on the philosophies of our ancient wisdom. 

Cedar Therapies has tried and tested many oils over the years and without doubt Starchild are our favourite. 


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