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There are a number of heavily discounted appointments each month for people who would benefit from treatments, but due to circumstance are unable to afford it. 


The Inclusivity Scheme is eligible for the following people: 
1. Single mums with children under the age of 10
2. People who are unable to work through disability or long-term illness

3. Senior Citizens

As there are limited places for the Inclusivity Scheme, if you fit into one of these categories
but have a significantly comfortable income, I would ask that you do not take the place of someone who is unable to afford the full price. This is a trust-based program (I do not request proof of any kind) designed to help all members of the community being able to access, and benefit from, holistic therapy. 

Inclusivity Scheme Prices (40% off)

Reiki (60 minutes) - £24.00

Back, Neck & Shoulders Massage (30 minutes) - £18.00
Full Body Massage (60 minutes) - £27.00

Clinical Aromatherapy (60 minutes) - £33.00

When booking please state that you are looking to book under the Inclusivity Scheme.

Please check the Terms & Conditions page for more information. 

Inclusivity Scheme 
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