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Usui Reiki at Cedar Therapies

Reiki is an effective therapy that anyone can enjoy in the normal course of their life. It may be used safely by the young and old, surgical patients, mums-to-be, the elderly and frail; regardless of their state of health.  

We will do a short consultation asking you about your health and lifestyle, so please allow an extra 10 minutes for all Reiki treatments.  


You will be fully clothed on the Reiki couch, and usually you'll be covered with a blanket for warmth. You can remove any items of clothing that hinder being comfortable eg. spectacles or jewellery. The room will be warm, not too bright, and some relaxing music will be played - all you need to do is make yourself comfortable and let your mind wander off. 


The Practitioner will place their hands in a series of non-intrusive positions on (and/or above) the body. There is no massage or manipulation, just a resting of hands. The Reiki is intuitive and flows exactly where it is needed, serving only the highest good. In that respect there is no treating of specific areas of the body - the whole person is treated, holistically. 


You may or may not feel sensation when you are receiving Reiki, but usually deep relaxation or a meditative state occurs. Some people report feeling tingling, or sensations of moving, or heat. Others can have an emotional response, or feel that some sort of 'shift' has occurred. There is no right or wrong and either way, Reiki allows harmony to be restored in the mind, body and spirit. 


After a treatment it is always good if the client can relax and take it easy for a while, and it is always beneficial to drink plenty of water after a treatment while the body detoxifies. 

You'll notice benefits from your first session of Reiki, but a regular course of treatments will certainly benefit you the most as the effects of Reiki are cumulative. Many people opt for an hour of Reiki every week for 4-6 sessions, and then maintain with a monthly hourly session. The amount of Reiki you have and the frequency is entirely up to you. 

Book a Reiki session and experience some of the benefits Reiki can bring:

- Increased relaxation

- Increased energy levels/feeling of vitality

- Better sleep

- Reduction in pain

- A feeling of peace and inner calm

- Relief from stresses and strains

- Reduced anxiety

- Better able to deal with life and its challenges

- Reduces the need for alcohol or tobacco

- Provides emotional support and stability whilst recovering from addiction

- Can accelerate physical healing

- Develop a strong sense of purpose

- Feel positive and upbeat, free from restrictive thinking

- A quiet and clear mind


Reiki Taster Session - 15 minutes

Never experienced Reiki before and want to know what it's all about? Why not book a Taster Session? These last for 15 minutes, plus a full consultation.

Reiki Treatment - 45 minutes

Experience a full, 45 minute Reiki Treatment, and all the benefits it brings. 

Reiki Treatment - 60 minutes

Enjoy a full 60 minutes on the Reiki couch. 

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“I'd never tried Reiki before and I wasn't convinced it would have an effect. I was, however, very surprised at the profound effect it did have. It was instantly calming, and allowed me to relax in a way I've never experienced. 

J. Harris 

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