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Swedish Massage at Cedar Therapies

Swedish Massage releases endorphins (the body's natural painkiller) which helps to reduce anxiety and improve mood. It improves muscle tone, flexibility, and mobility. It reduces cellulite, and increases blood circulation and lymphatic flow; and can reduce muscle tension and tension headaches. 

A regular monthly massage aids overall health and provides therapeutic relief. It helps to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, and promotes a great night's sleep. 

We will carry out a consultation asking you a few questions about your health and lifestyle, this can take up to an extra 15 minutes (depending on how complicated your medical history is) so please give yourself extra time for your appointment. 

Please note that we require all clients to wear underwear (bottom half) for their massage. Please see the Terms & Conditions page for more information. 

Book a massage and experience some of the benefits that massage can bring:

- Reduces/helps back pain

- Can relieve/reduce fibromyalgia symptoms/aches and pains

- Reduces anxiety (by releasing endorphins, the body's natural painkillers)

- Relieves stress

- Reduces depression 

- Promotes good sleep

- Promotes relaxation

- Can give increased energy levels/feeling of vitality

- Lifts the mood

- Reduces pain (by releasing endorphins, the body's natural painkillers)

- Reduces muscle tension

- Maintains muscle posture and tone

- Prepares the body for exercise and enhances exercise performance

- Increases range of motion

- Relieves tension headaches

- Decreases headache/migraine frequency

- Lowers blood pressure 

- Improves Lymphatic flow

Swedish Back Massage - 30 minutes 

Soothe yourself - a shoulders, back and neck massage.

Swedish Full Body Massage - 60 minutes
This massage includes front and back of legs, arms, chest, shoulders, back, stomach (optional).

Swedish Full Body, Face & Scalp - 70 minutes
This massage includes front and back of legs, arms, chest, shoulders, back, stomach (optional), face and scalp.


Go to the Price List page for more information. 




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